Bars in Delhi


Visit Zerruco it’s a bar with a difference…. Infact its more than a bar .my first visit was on a winter afternoon I sipped a Bloody Mary (made to perfection ) basking in the afternoon sun on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant. I was seated in the comfortable sofa and elegant glass top table further enhanced the ambience .what added to my delight was the wide array off Mediterranean delicacies on offer in the menu __ healthy  salads, appetizers, pastas, choice of risottos and spaghetti. What caught my attention the smoky aroma of the wood fired pizzas being baked at the live pizza counter . the pesto barbeque chicken pizza I ordered  was exquisite. Towards the end of my meal the courteous staff offered me a hookah, I grabbed at the invitation with  both hands . pulling on  my hookah I realized that zerruco is more than a bar or even a restaurant its an experience good drinks, good Mediterranean  style food , lovely ambience(with a choice of sitting outdoors or indoors). And to top it the zerruco experience also offers you the taste of hookah lounge. incredible place


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