Best Club in Delhi


Zerruco, the Mediterranean and Italian fine dine located in Hotel Ashok, in the midst of the diplomatic enclave. Quite a classic location to be honest!

Coming to the entrance, I went on a Monday afternoon with a few friends to kill the blues and enjoy the winter hues, we were welcomed with red carpet. They have comfortable outdoor and indoor dining both and they serve really amazing sheesha. Do try the Double Apple flavor. Very smooth.

The interiors of the indoor seating were rather contemporarily classy with beautiful chandeliers and comfy couches and a stunning bar. However, winter afternoons are always perfect for rooftops or open areas with the sun. They had a pretty outdoor seating available as well and had a live wood fired pizza counter!

We ordered a couple of drinks and salads before we actually begun!

Salads –

• Apple Feta Salad – This was a perfect combination of apple and all the tanginess of the flavors with the sweetness of apples! Must try for all veggie lovers.

• Chicken Caesar Salad – The usual chicken caesar salad with a rather more amazing flavor than the usual. An unusually usual salad.

Mains –

• Veg Mezze Family Platter – It was a LEBANESE lovers delight. A HUUUUGE platter consisting of cheese rolls, falafels, pita bread, potato wedges, crisps, and what not with around 4 dips. It was truly heavenly.

• Calzone Pizza – Pizza with a twist. A huge vegetables and cheese stuffed calzone pizza. It was truly delectable and lip smacking.

• Chicken Shish Touk Pizza – Chicken Pizza with much different toppings to offer. Very flavorful, thin crusted and perfect!

• Chicken Ablama – Rice served with white gravy Ablama, tasted delicious and is an amazing delicacy. Not every restaurant in Delhi serves this dish. Absolutely sublime.

• Veg Paella – Seemed like biryani, tasted like ratatouille, and tasted best with sour cream. It was superb! Must have for all the vegetarians.

Desserts –

• Banoffee Pie – Have tasted so many banoffee pies being a huge fan of this dessert, I really loved the pie and all the layers were perfect. The presentation was breathtaking.

• Tiramisu – Served in a cocktail glass, having strong alcoholic taste, this dessert was a total steal.

The servers were well versed with the menu and were very attentive and helpful. It was a perfect experience synthesizing an array of fine drinks, fine food, fine sheesas . zerruco really lived up to its claim of a fine dining gourmet food destination .


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