Bars in Delhi


A perfect date location you can head for celebrating this valentines with your significant other💞

It’s a huge place with both outdoor and indoor seating. The moment you step in, you’ll forget about the world you left outside. I personally liked the wood fired pizza area a lot.

We took the dineout deal for this place which included 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 desert per person. Also, there was some ongoing promotional offer in which on 1 Facebook check in we would get a vodka based cocktail for free.

What we ordered:

• Bruschetta Con Pollo Al Pesto: A beautifully done chicken bruschetta. The bread was so crispy and tasty, and the chicken on top of it tasted of fresh basil. Never thought such a simple dish like bruschettas could taste so good!

• Cajun Spiced Pollo: A good sized cajun herb chicken served along with some sweet chilli sauce. The chicken was perfectly cooked but, the dish was just average.

• Mustard Pollo Marinato: 2 pieces of chicken topped with a delicious mustard and herb dressing served along with some grilled vegetables, this one completely made my day! The grilled mushrooms were awesome.

• Mushroom stragnoff : This one was a complete meal in itself. A Mushroom curry cooked in wine, mustard and white sauce, it came along with a small serving of rice. Nothing great though.

• Banoffie Pie: 10/10 for the presentation of the dessert. I would have given a 10/10 to it’s taste too, had the bananas in it not been frozen.

• The Passion of Zerruco: We took this vodka based cocktail in the pineapple flavour and i must say i loved it to bits. The cocktail was not too heavy on vodka, just as i like it. The cardamom floating on top added to the taste so well. This one topped my list!

Final verdict: The food was all good and the cocktail was awesome!


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