Mediterranean Cuisine in Delhi


Sharing a wonderful meal with a loved one can be a truly incredible experience. It’s even better when the sprawling restaurant happens to be one of the most romantic venues in Delhi, you may never want to leave from.
Brainchild of Mr. Sourabh Chandna and Landmarked at a prime location at The Ashok, Chanakyapuri, this establishment is one of the most happening, lovely dine in places.
The menu features famous and delectable, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines highlighting the aromatic gestures in an excellent manner.
The mouthwatering cuisines are a mixture of both authentic and contemporary recipes made with the finest ingredients that are sure to add to the incredible experience.
The drinks and the food just like the place are fantabulous.

We hit it off with some wonderful drinks coming in from the well stocked bar.
Was really impressed with the quality and the combinations they had to offer.
• Bourbon berry cocktail- What a blend! Perfectly made. Impactful yet refreshing.
• Red wine sangria- tasted heavenly. Each sip was bliss and left me wanting for more.
• Gentleman- Whisky based cocktail with lemon grass, angostura bitters and maple syrup was an absolute killer.
• Watermelon mojito- perfectly sweet. Boldly flavored of watermelon and mint.

Couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Hard to resist the temptations, we ordered the food. Without a doubt, each dish was perfect in its own self giving us a fabulous gastronomical experience and leaving us mesmerised.

• Piccante toast al formaggio- garlic cheese toast. The base was crunchy and the veggies were beautifully seasoned. We could clearly taste each and every condiment gone on top of the toast. Such a simple dish superbly done.
• Mediterranean falafel- Falafel made with chickpea served with Hummus and Pita.
Loved the fact that they weren’t camouflaged by strong flavours. Lip smacking.
• Veg zait kebab- assorted vegetable kebab served with garlic mayo.
The blend of spices was commendable.
Was mind blowing and had an awesome flavor.
• Formaggioe wrap- just like dragon roll. Pepper corn cheese wrap. Had an amazing fusion of flavors and texture.
Totally rocked as we ended up ordering the same dish twice. Bang on!
• Chef special Greek kebab- The showstopper! Tender and succulent marinated boneless chicken made in Arabic spices served with tahini.
Surely heading back for this one. Truly a delicacy!
• Veg Lasagna- going meatless din’t mean giving up on flavor!
This had the freshness of tender veggies, well contrasted against the layers of pasta, which was subtly cooked in tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella the Mediterranean way.
• Penne Alfredo veg pasta- Had it’s own intrinsic flavor. Pleasingly cooked in white sauce and mushrooms. Rich, creamy and full of flavor. Was a meal in itself.

All the compositions felt perfect.
The presentation was an icing on the cake and the portions were generous.
All was intensely flavored with excellent result.

Favorite time is dessert time. Attention Dessertarians!
After a savoring meal, be sure to dig in some beautifully plated desserts to finish off an evening you won’t forget.
Tried the-
• Chocolate Fondant
• Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream
• Melting chocolate
I don’t remember the exact names, though.
The desserts came and looked impressive and irresistible! The gooeiness was delight and transported me to a world of deliciousness. Had a luxurious melting moment having these pieces of heaven.
All the desserts were beauties and extremely eye catching. The quality was highly laudable.

And yes, yes don’t forget to indulge in the brilliant sheeshas they have to offer.
I tried the Commissioner flavor. It was offered to me in a pink colored khalil and believe me, pink being my favorite color too, made my day.

Everything was flawless! Kudos to the team!
Not to miss, We got a chance to meet the owner, Mr. Sourabh Chandna who was warm and friendly and was a great host making sure everything was perfect.


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