Arabic food in Delhi


Zerruco , the name of this restaurant is based on the name of a mythical ancient city that lays hidden deep in the sands of the Sahara. It is a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean lounge. The ambiance is absolutely breath taking. Whether it be the grand chandeliers or the intricately designed hanging lamps, it provides a beautiful aura to this place. They have both indoor and outdoor seating with the bar being in the indoor seating section. I preferred the outdoor seating over the indoor one specifically because of beautifully designed outdoor area.These provide for a lovely backdrop of a quite lunch or dinner. The only thing that I didn’t like was the light overhead kept on changing colours and is enough to give you a seizure. When requested they were kind enough to turn the white light mode on which was quite soothing. …

Coming to food.
The focus of the Menu is  Mediterranean and Arabian and we chose dishes from this section.
We were glad we followed the word of mouth about the amazing Arabian and Mediterranean food at Zerrucco.

Good Authentic Mediterranean and Arabian food is the highpoint of this place .


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